Hair Removal Machine

IPL 360 Plus Hair Removal Machine

IPL Plus 360 Hair Removal Machine is one of the most effective technology in removing. The machine is produced by modern technology inside, which helps to exclude hurt feeling and damaged skin-cell during treatment.

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SHR is a modern technology, using spots scan which moves continuously and helps to remove hair from their roots with the speed 10hz/second while the speed of traditional techonlogy is just 1Hz/second. At the same time, the machine also uses cooling tip made by Saphire at -4oC, which makes blood vessels shrink; therefore, the light can work in a better environment and get the best result in hair remove.  

Advantages Of IPL 360 Plus

1. The time for treatment is short: It takes 20-30 minutes from the first treatment. 

2. No invade treament: Making no damages for skin-cells

3. No hurt feeling: It does not need to apply anesthetic, there is just a warm feeling during treatment. 

4. Do not need to use skincare steps after treatment: It does not need to make skincare after the operation, especially is after hair removal treamnent. 

5. No side effects: No any side chemical effects occur during the treament. 

6. Stable effect: It is equal with more than 10 times to usual hair removal machine.  

7. Safe: E-light system is a combination of optical, medicine and biology engineering techonolgy of the human with the aim of changing and improving skincell, wrinkles, and making hair removal treament for whole body. 

Finally, skin rejuvenation, deep wrinkles treament and high safe coefficient do not leave any harmful pigments on the skin. 

Effects Of Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Treatment. 

- SHR fast hair removal: A process which makes hair removal treatment every 28 days, using the treatment from 4 to 6 times to remove hair from the area forever. The hair will fall automatically within a week. 

- Skin rejuvenation: Using the treatment from 4-6 times within 3 weeks, you will see a clear result in just 2-3 treaments, the time of face treament is 30 minutes. Treat for sensitive skin and help to shrink pores. 

- Freckles, melasma treatment: Using the treatment from 1-2 times. However, for people who get serious level must use treatment from 4-6 times within 3-4 weeks. The symptom after treament is dark color on the area, but this will disappear within a week. 

Specificaion of SHR With 2 Handles 

- Name of product: 360 PLUS 22 HANDLES HAIR REMOVAL MACHINE 

- Function: Slipping hair remove and skin rejuvenation

- Electricity supply: 220VAC-50Hz 

- IPL light supply

- Light power: 1-50J/cm2

- Number of pulse loop repeats: 1-15

- Water pump pressure: 8-10 litter/ minute 

- Pulse width: 0.1-10ms

- Pulse delay: 0.1-50ms 

- Light filter glass: 530-1200nm ( remove freckle), 480-1200nm (remove blood vessel, treat acne), 640-1200nm ( remove hair) 

- Temperature of handle: -4 oC to 15oC (adjustable) 

- Cooling system: cooling water + cooling semiconductor + cooling fan 

- Shooting point: 8 x 40 mm

- RF power: 5 MHz 

- Capacity: 3000W

- Repeated frequency: 1-10Hz