Company Team

Nowadays, beauty-care is being interested by many people, especially is women. Besides choosing genuine and prestigious products, people also wonder how to choose suitable services and courses for them. Understand this concern of the customers, Hoan Phi's team always try to enhance knowledge and skills in many fields, especially is beauty-care with the aim of bringing the best quality and suitable products for each customer.

Why say the Hoan Phi Company is professional?

1. Professional ethics

With the motto Quality Is Above All , Hoan Phi Company are honest, trustworthy, close, mature and enthusiastic people at work. We are always aware that our cosmetics products and beauty equipments are high-end products, so in addition to being equipped with careful and proper knowledge, Hoan Phi Company always put professional ethics above to bring the best benefits for customers. At the same time, we always put professional ethics as a guideline, a red thread throughout the whole process.

2. Knowledge about counseling

With in-depth knowledge of cosmetics, beauty equipments and professional techniques, Hoan Phi Company always have clear action plans, complete tasks, ensure the best benefits for customers. 

3. Understand market information in the operating area

Hoan Phi Company always knows the knowledge of the products, services, the market price in its operating area. Information collected through newspapers, radio, seminars, market experience ... is the basic and necessary source of information while advising customers. 

4. Knowledge of Sales & Marketing

Consulting staff of Hoan Phi Company are always trained, fully equipped with knowledge of Sales & Marketing from leading experts today.

7. Foreign language ability

Fluency in foreign languages ​​is an indispensable element for professional consultants in the current and future periods. Not only stopping at communication but also Hoan Phi Company always try to improve specialized English to be able to present and convince foreign customers.


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