Hair Removal Machine

RG OPT B6 Hair Removal Machine

OPT/E-Light hair removal, pigments treatment (speckles, smallpox and freckles removal), skin rejuvenation (skin tightening, wrinkle removal, skin whitening), acne and blood vessel treatment.

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Laser Beauty OPT SHR Machine is considered as professional IPL hair removal machine.

IPL technology theory of OPT (optimal technology) is: powerful light creates light and thermal effect, chemical effect on skin, collagen, which helps to arrange and recover elastic of the skin and boost the functions of blood vessel, removes facial wrinkle, tighten pores; implements powerful pulse light which can go through the skin. This pulse light is absorbed by a pigment group and selecting vascular tissue with no damages on skin


  1. When OPT machine works at single pulse mode, it can generate average power level.
  2. OPT will refine purple and infrared light, removes and absorbs water from aimed skin area. Therefore, SHR has no any side effects on body.
  3. Aiming function helps the machine work in a simple way and gives safe treatment.
  4. With the frequency is bigger than (1-10Hz), this helps to increase working speed and shorten the treatment time.
  5. IPL technology treats for back, legs and arms in a shorter time than others.
  6. IPL handles can make other treatments, malfunction and get better treatments.
  7. Large capacity with 2500W, ensures for powerful energy.
  8. Adjustable frequency from 1-10Hz, you can treat on slow or quick mode.
  9. Special SHR handle, you can use the machine all day because of good light quality


Optical Source 3MHz
Standard Filters 530-1200nm(Speckles removal)
  640-1200nm( Hair removal)
Selecting Filters 480-1200nm 560-1200 nm 590-1200nm 690-1200nm
Transmission System Sapphire crystal light-transmitting system
Energy Density 1--50J/cm2
Width of Pulse 1--40ms
Repetition Frequency 1P/1S
Spot size 12*30mm2, 15*50mm2 for choice
Cooling system Touch cooling -5°C
RF energy 1--20J
Size 46*52*115cm3
Net weight 60kg
Power Supply AC110V/220±10