Tattoo Removal Machine

Mini YAG Q-SWITCHED Tattoo Removal Machine

Tattoo removal technology helps to remove strange dark marks on your skin from Laser YAG machine which allows to destroy infected, aged and strange skin cell without making influence on other skin cells around and side effects.

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YAG Q-SWITCHED tattoo laser removal machine is used for laser treatment of pigmentation and tattoo lesions based on the selected photo-thermal analysis principle.

Laser phototherapy through a special frequency monochromatic filter lens is used to remove tattoos, strange pigments on the skin as well as skin rejuvenation.

The power from hand-piece of YAG Q-SWITCHED laser tattoo removal is supported with some kinds of different laser with the aim of treating for dark pigmentation. For example, facial area is applied with a layer of carbon gel mask, which will be shoot by laser with the aim of cleaning the pores, removing dead skin, freckles and strange pigmentations, rejuvenating skin completely.

Tattoo removal technology which removes strange skin pigmentation by Yag Laser allows it to destroy infected, aged and strange skin cell only without making influence on benign skin cell and any side effects.

If you are finding a laser tattoo removal machine with Yag technology, this machine will bring to you many functions such as removing tattoo, eyes brown, strange pigmentation and rejuvenate skin.

Application range of Yag laser tattoo removal machine.

It is mainly used for removing endogenous and exogenous skin pigmentation lesion due to trauma

  • Endogenous skin pigmentation lesion: Ota, spots, cheek dark marks, blue brown marks, coffee marks, moles, dark pigmentation, blue moles, hyperpigmentation after dermatitis, freckle and some others, …
  • Exogenous skin pigmentation lesion: tattoo, eyes liner, lips contour ink, dark wound after injury, other pigmentation lesions.

Advantages of Yag laser tattoo removal machine

  • Using gemstone filtered through Q mode for 2-8ns wide pulse.
  • Through diffused ceramic crystal mode for quick shooting handle reflexes and good stability.
  • Using YAG energy up to 200mj, multi-pulse energy up to 1200mj, laser tip 532nm which treats for red color, laser tip 1064nm which treats for grey black color, laser filter tip 1320nm which treats for skin whitening and rejuvenation.
  • Special xenon laser pulse light, high capacity pump, qualify spare parts will make sure the machine works with persistent capacity

Spare parts description

  • Removing red color: Use shooting tip 532nm
  • Removing grey black color: Use shooting tip 1064nm
  • Whiten and rejuvenate skin: Use black tip 1320nm

Some questions relate to the machine.

1. How to use this machine in removing all tattoo?

  • This depended on some specific tattoo or thin tattoo and easily remove. Some kinds will be depended on amount of ink color. Usually, it will take about 4-6 weeks to remove a specific tattoo, therein, grey and black tattoo can be removed easily and fast.

2. How to maintain the machine in the best working mode?

  • Should replace water 1 times after 15 days. If the machine is used in many times, should replace water usually.
  • After 10-15 minutes working, should let the machine rest so that it can decrease the heat which will damage some chips in the mainboard. Let the machine rest in a short time will help the machine works in a more stable and better way. For example, you shouldn’t shoot continuously but shoot intermittently, let the machine rest after 10-155 minutes.
  • Use pure distilled water or pure water to avoid dirt or residue which prevent the wipe, this is also a reason of damaged machine.
  • Clean the hand-piece after using
  • Turn off the machine after finishing the treatment


Name: YAG laser tattoo removal machine

Laser wavelength: 532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm

Use single pulse energy

+ ≤ 200mj => 1200mj for 1064nm tip

+ ≤ 100mj => 1200mj for 532nm tip

Point diameter: 1-8mm (continuously adjust)

Pulse width: 9-10ns